The life of ancient life

Ancient Greece, the old time back then was awesome, and tough.
There was lots there to do. Also lots to play with.

Greeks lived 4000 years ago. A very long time ago.Even older then your great grandparent! Of course you can not imagine life back then.


Greece began in 146 bc, bet you didn’t think that it was that old?
But sadly  the time ended in 2000bc.


Greece is famous for how it created the olymics.Next time you watch the olympics, think how it all started.


School was far different back then than now. Boys had to learn to wrestle , and the girls weren’t aloud to go!

The greeks created many of the things that we use today. BY kieran ūüôā

Our school trip mill adventure base

Yesterday on our school trip we did caving,canoeing and Pond dipping in our group were me (Reece), Ryan,Theo,Summer,India,Kyle,Isabel,Mark,Taryn and Jorday.The caving was the best bit of the trip it was dark,wet and squashing.It was me (Reece),Theo,Jorday and taryn who did all of it some people thought they were going to get stuck so didn’t finish it but me (Reece) and Theo said to them if the instructor can fit through you can fit through.Kyle at one point said he will go through but didn’t he went back out!

Mill adventure base fun

Yesterday y5 & y4 went to mill adventure base and participated in activates so we are going to tell you what we got up to

Some of the boys and girls started the day going on the water to canoe. We were in girls and boys team to have a race. We needed one more person to join in with the girls so Mr Huthart went in our group. We had to go to one end and then back wHere we started.The girls won WOOOOOOOOOOOO (CAN I GET A WHAT WHAT).


While the other group where doing Canoeing we were doing caving it was so much fun but some of us got scared I missed two tunnels. As you got further into the tunnels  the holes got smaller. We all had fun.

School trip

Yesterday we went to the Mill Adventure Centre in Mansfield ¬†we had a great time there it was epic. We had to do canoeing,caving and little activities. Me and Joshua enjoyed the canoeing and caving the most, the boy group argued loads and the girls didn’t on the canoeing. It took 45mins to get there, I sat next to Theo, and Joshua was at the side of us with Reece. All of us sat at the front off the bus at the top of the double was awesome. By Sam and Joshua.


Paris trip to the Mill Adventure Centrein Mansfield

Hello,my name is Paris.My class and my sisters class went on a school trip to a place called The Mill Adventure Centre.The bus that we went on was a double decker bus and class 5 went on the top of the bus.

When we got to the Mill there were people that told us what group we were in and I was in the group that got to go into the boats.Mr Huthart went in the same boat as my girl gang in to two separate boats.

After lunch time my group were doing caving and that was really fun doing that but sometimes some people got a bit stuck in the tunnels because they are too tiny for  big bodies.In the end  I was crying  because I got a bit stuck in one of the tunnels.

And that what was I did on Thursday the 5th of June.

School trip

The bus was the second worst thing of the day I will tell you about number one later.We were on the bus for a very long time and I felt very sick. When we got there I was surprised I thought it was going to be very big but it was not.The first thing was caving and I hated it, it was under ground ,wet and dirty . After that it was canoeing and I loved it it was epic I loved the water .and the last thing was pond dipping and we all loved it .then the long bus ride started again.

loom bands

I have loved making loom bands for a long time now and I have got 26 of them that I am making my aim is to get to 30.Plus I only need 4 more to get 30 anyway.Most of my class and a lot of class 4 have got loom bracelets.Billy is making a stall for us to sell looms.This Saturday my mum is going to go to Pound world and get me 2 more packets of looms.So then that means I can make some more to sell at the party in the yard that is what our summer fair is called at Norbridge Academy.

On Friday at school we will be holding a show called: Norbridge has got talent.My boyfriend is going to be singing and he is in class four. I am not ging to do anything because  I am too scared to dance in front of 500 people.I know that my boyfriend can do anything so he is going to sing in front of 500 people.He is very brave to do that because there is no way I can do that.I think you have heard enough of that now well thank you for reading it and please post on my wonderful comment.